Master Class 101

Blue Orb Cafe with Lea Kennedy


Freedom loving Sagittarius has been hosting “Larger than Life” Saturn (rules, restrictions and limitations) for quite some time now. Wherever you’ve been feeling restricted, most likely Saturn is at work. But now that his retrograde motion is fully underway, some of the heavier lessons have eased up, which leaves us time to “go over what we’ve learned so far” (Oh Joy) Did we get it? Are we being consciously accountable to those things we “know” we should be doing? Or are we ignoring them. Saturn is a very stern, but patient teacher (life long lessons if need be) but how hard he is on us, is completely up to “us” (this IS for our own good don’t ya know). I personally love the Saturnian energy (direct or retrograde) for it holds the key to our Freedom. Listen up Peeps (I know, I know peeps is outdated isn’t it) Saturn energy is here…

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