Astro-Logical: Beltane

Witching Philosophical

thothhierophantThough I had been practicing for a number of years prior to joining OakSpring, my understanding of the Sabbats was pretty fuzzy in some areas. I knew what the books told me, but I couldn’t relate to some of the agricultural themes.

Looking at some scans of Gerald Gardner’s “Ye Bok ye art magical” – a sort of predecessor to the “Book of Shadows”, I noticed a note (whether written by Gardner, Aidan Kelly, or someone else) that tied the Greater Sabbats (Beltane, Lammas, Samhain, and Imbolc) to the four fixed astrological signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio, and Aquarius).

I am no expert in astrology. I come at it from a sort of Qabalistic-dilettante perspective. But as a then-First Degree this exercise was incredibly helpful in bettering my understanding of the Sabbats and was a useful exercise in writing Sabbat rituals. I dubbed it the poorly entitled, “Astro-Logical series”…a reasoned…

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