Scorpio Full Moon – April 21/22

Holistic Transformation

Oh look here, it’s another full moon. April’s full moon is known as the Pink Moon. It won’t actually appear as being pink, and this full moon is definitely not ‘pink and fluffy!’ Yep, here we are, deep, dark and challenging Scorpio folks! But don’t hide in your bed-fort just yet, ok?!

Last year, the Scorpio full moon absolutely floored me! Scorpio is a very deep emotional full moon, my friends. This year’s offering could be quite intense again. Saying that, it is a time to check the EGO! When the moon is full, EGO loves to come in and take over- making a drama out of a crisis. What makes a deeper crisis? The deep, deep waters of Scorpio. So, just bear in mind the ego check, before proceeding with this. (I honestly wish I’d remembered this last year!)


-There’s four planets currently retrograde- Mercury, Jupiter, Saturn and Pluto…

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