Zero-Point Astrology: The Science of Freedom

Infinite Genius

6510496-astrological-chart-Stock-Photo-astrology-zodiac-horoscopeMoving beyond planetary influence

Let’s explore further the whole idea of “non-dual” astrology, specifically with the purpose of using astrology to move beyond planetary influence. Perhaps many will say this is not possible, but it is certainly worth considering, especially in these days where everything is up for review.

I hesitate to use this term “non-dual”, because it contains a negation, which is not recognised by the being. If you say “non-dual” to the being, it registers “dual”. But since all words fall short, by their very nature, we have to do our best using language to point towards the unspeakable.

However, i do feel it is an important distinction, as we can get stuck, even in “non-duality”, where there is still a subtle pushing away of duality, which just reinforces duality ever so subtly.

Perhaps the term “zero-point astrology” would suffice. Let’s try that one on for size. And…

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