Jupiter in Virgo opposite Neptune in Pisces: Dream the impossible


dream the impossibleAlthough Jupiter symbolizes hope and optimism, in Virgo it gets a little hesitant.

– Can this be done?

– Is this realistic?

– Do we have a real step-by-step concrete plan?

These are the doubts Jupiter in Virgo tends to raise, creating setbacks and holdups at every turn.

Caution definitely has its place. When this hesitation gets a little confused by Neptune in Pisces saying, what’s the big deal, go for it, it’s possible paralysis follows and nothing can be done.

But it’s always possible to tune to the highest vibrations of any planetary energy.

Here, dream away, make the impossible possible. It all starts in you mind, in your imagination. Don’t let Jupiter-in-Virgo convince you it can’t be done. On the contrary, let Jupiter add substance to Neptune’s imagination, uplift the dream to become real. Believe it will, even it it’s not instant.

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