April Super New Moon: Panama Papers, Cure for Cancer, Skynet in Europe #IntuitiveMatrix


New Moon in Aries April 7th 7.24 am EDT, 11.24 UTC Full Moon in Scorpio April 22nd 1.24 am EDT, 5.24 UTC 

103-photomanipulations-fire Bulb by Vlademareous

This month’s New Moon is the closest one to Earth this year and so it’s Supermoon status plus its position in Aries conjunct the Sun and Uranus instigates a fiery ignition to April’s lunar cycle. For many I expect this New Moon will feel like a welcome kick-start back into action after last months intense eclipse cycle and the flooding effect from all that extra sensory Piscean energy. Spontaneous breakthroughs and breakaways could well be in order for the birthing of a new act of power. Uranus pioneers unconventional ideas, instigates sudden change, and complete liberation and reformation. He fosters the future and our advancement and is always fast- forward driven in every account. Ingenious thinking, technological breakthroughs, new directions, severances from the past may…

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