The Star of Bethlehem: Chapter 2 – Mercury: The Winged Star (part 2)


Are there messengers from “Across the Universe”? John Lennon thought so: ‘Sounds of laughter, shades of life, are ringing through my open ears, inciting and inviting me.’

Life*Time Astrology

Early in Jesus’ life, the Archangels appeared to those connected with him several times. This happily brings me to A.T. Mann’s concept of Life*Time Astrology. Using a logarithmic base of 10, he set out a scale of time based upon the Ascendant of the birth chart. The 120° before the Ascendant represent the natives’ nine month gestation period {ten moons}; the 120° after the Ascendant illustrate the events of one’s childhood{one hundred moons}; and the remaining 120° symbolise the adult years{one thousand moons}.

In my opinion, the 70 year scale which resulted from his calculations is more-or-less correct, but I believe that the only way to test whether someone’s birth chart…

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