Natal Moon in Aries


Your moon sign shows your emotional nature and the type of energy you find most comforting. Depending on how your moon sign interacts with the rest of your chart, you may not express this side of yourself to the outer world. This sign represents your feeling energy, your intuition, your inner impulses and instincts that come from deep within.

Aries, ruled by Mars, is the sign of action, physical energy, and impulse. The sign of Aries is much like a fierce warrior, who must be brave, courageous, strong, independent, and ready for battle. The warrior must be decisive, fast-acting, and able to outsmart his opponent.

With your moon in Aries, you feel most comfortable when taking action on your emotions. You may also be quite aggressive emotionally and have a bit of inner rage, which needs to be released and channeled constructively. Sports and other physical activities are a good…

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