When Neptune meets Saturn … or: how did I get here?

Planet Schade

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Two weeks ago …

Waking up in a strange bed. Thousands of kilometres from home. A warm, naked man sound asleep beside me under the sheets.

The large city outside is already buzzing with energy. I get up, naked, wandering into the kitchen, checking the clock: 7 am. Jetlag, here I come. Taking a slice of watermelon from the fridge, opening the door of the balcony, settling on the sofa. A bird landing on the railing, peeping at me. Strange smells and sounds drifting inside. A sea of buildings as far as I can see stretching around me. Far far away from my ‘comfort zone’ – but in a way I’m suddenly feeling at home.

In my head David Byrne is singing: „You may ask yourself: Well, how did I get here?“

So this is what happens when Neptune meets Saturn. The master of dreams vs. the…

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