Animal Spirits: The Ladybug

Through the Peacock's Eyes

august-31st-2013-211 Photo by Jessica Hagan. Click to see more of her beautiful photography!

Though I wrote about the Animal Spirit, the Ladybug over three years ago, I felt it was time to re-visit her here. I began building and planting a new little vegetable garden where I moved to this year, and harvesting has already begun. Yesterday while I was tending to my garden, I saw quite a few ladybugs. I also saw a couple flying around me while doing my outdoor yoga and when I was at the dog park in the evening. Ladybug wants her message heard! From 2013:

Last weekend as I was planting my fall vegetable garden, I discovered a deep scarlet ladybug on my gardening gloves. Immediately I become excited, for ladybugs are a sign of good luck, especially when they land on your hand! As a child I was told that if a ladybug lands…

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