Deck Spotlight on Cosmos: Tarot and Oracle Deck

Northern Lights Witch


I love love LOVE this deck!

The basics: Cosmos is a tarot + oracle deck together. That in itself makes this special. On top of that, each card corresponds to a constellation. The oracle deck speaks of the influences of the planets and other major astronomical bodies in our reach. The cards of the Major Arcana have been paired with the zodiac and the ten major constellations, while the Minor Arcana get their own constellation pairings.

This is an absolutely fascinating deck to use to pair with astrological questions! One of my most memorable tarot readings lately was a full zodiac reading for a long-distance friend in NYC. This deck paired so beautifully.


Another part of why I love this deck is the connection to my city. I’m based in Minneapolis, and this deck was a collaboration between 100 international artists and an art lab located here. One of those…

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