To Those of Us Who Could Be a Bit More Selfish

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Katie Turner - Know Your Vibes Astrology

To those of us who could stand to be a little bit more selfish:

I often see things telling us to be more compassionate human beings. Go out of our way to help other people, spread kindness. Don’t be mean to people because you don’t know their struggles. Always put others before you. A good relationship is about sacrifice.

These things may be helpful to those of us who struggle with compassion, those of us who are so caught up in ourselves that it’s hard to see others. But what about those of us who are too compassionate or too concerned for other’s needs? Those of us who forget to check up on ourselves and our needs?

In all my classes on statistics, they talk about a normal bell curve where fifty percent of the people are on the left and fifty percent are on the right. In the middle…

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