The Star of Bethlehem: Chapter 1 – Prologue


We are now going to try to get the measure of the man, using his birth chart. In the words of George Harrison’s song, “My Sweet Lord”, ‘I really want to know you’.

A Description of Jesus

Twenty years ago {forty years now}, I came across the following quotation in Jeffrey Furst’s book, Edgar Cayce’s Story of Jesus.

Few people are aware that there is in existence today, in the Archives in Rome, a description of Jesus. It is contained in a report written nearly two thousand years ago, by a Roman, Publius Lentulus, to his Emperor, Tiberias. It reads thus:

“There has appeared in Palestine a man who is still living and whose power is extraordinary. He has the title give him of Great prophet; his disciples call him the Son of God. He raises the dead and heals all sorts of diseases. He…

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