The Astro-Binaural Clock: A Hypothetical Auditory Orrery

Òran Mór

One of my longstanding curiosities has been the middle ground to be found between science and spirituality. For many years I have had a strong interest in the field of astrology and have subsequently found it to be a domineering element in my personal understandings of the spiritual world.

When I was first introduced to the concept of ambisonics and elaborate surround sound environments one of the first thoughts that came to me was the possibility of adapting the geocentric model of the zodiac to the given speaker format. I found myself pondering on what ways there may be to translate astrological transits and aspects into a musically pleasing form. Essentially, if one were to view astrological activity as a sort of energetic weather system, what would the resulting weather patterns sound like?

At a first glance, the simplest way to realise this concept would be to take the movement of the planetary…

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