Think about it!


Adieu to all regrets I’ve made up, taking a snippet of mythological thoughts to fancy my mind, on this eve of Ganesh Chaturthi, here’s what I put across to viewers I’ve kept waiting. Just a raw idea, with nothing concrete to hold up –
Belief in the Almighty!

Tides are created by planetary movements, isnt it?
Our body filling in 70% water, won’t it have a reaction of these planetary motions?! – he said

It all started here, where I was exposed to an untapped side of knowledge, that provoked thinking about a logical thing (body water).

Unknowingly it resulted into me gaining faith in something which people regard as heavenly talks!(GOD)

I’ve heard pandits say, “ye bhagwaan ka grah bhari hai naseeb me.” (This god is quite prominent in his fortune)

So first question, “ye grah bhaari hota kaisa hai”? (How does it happen) – I asked.

Water, like…

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