The tale of the dynamic blue dot.

Rationalising The Universe

Today, we go on a journey that can only be made in the mind. We attempt to form an appreciation that the features of the Earth cannot (and should not) be viewed as a set of discrete processes, but rather as an interlinked web of dynamic biological and geographical processes. To begin, we journey to the highest point one might call Earth, the edge of the atmosphere and journey through to the core. From there we take a second to consider the ever-changing crust of the planet and what the future may hold, before considering the birth and death of the place we call home.

From the atmosphere downwards

We are poised at the top of the atmosphere, looking down on planet Earth. We are at the edge of the stratosphere where the shroud of nitrogen, oxygen, argon, water vapour and carbon dioxide fades out into the vast expanse of space. We are…

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