Meaning of houses: Aries on house cusps


AriesThis is the first in a series about astrological houses – all signs on the house cusps will follow!

Many know what it means to have Aries Ascendant, but what does it mean to have the sign Aries on the other house cusps? You may not even know what the astrological term ‘house’ actually means.

Houses are areas of life experience. Think of it as a movie or a play: planets are the actors, and houses are the scenes where the actors perform. What happens between the actors is called aspects, and the way the players (planets) act depends on the sign they’re in.  These are the four building blocks of astrology: planets, signs, houses, and aspects.

Here, I’ll talk about what it’s like when Mars rules a scene, or in other words, Aries is on the house cusp. Mars rules, or is the planet associated with Aries.

ARIES on 1

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