The Journey Continues – You Have a Choice

Journey to the Center of the Mind

Seed Quotation

As Spring begins to break here in Ohio, the above quote from Mark Twain kind of says it all. The seed reaching for the sunlight is very symbolic of what we humans go through as the Sun shines more, warming the Earth and us. We awaken from the dreariness of Winter and yearn to feel the warmth of the Sun on our faces. There is an energy that arises in many of us that brings back memories of our youth and all the fun that was to be had in the months to come.

I’ve mentioned before in my writings that this is a time of planting seeds, not just in our physical gardens, but in our personal intimate ones as well. What we plant inside each of us will determine what kind of a personal garden will grow in our lives as we live out this year.

For me…

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