State of the Moon: Equinox Season

Posts of “reaction” are a very good thing sometimes. Sometimes we need to look at where we have been as well as where we are going.

Northern Lights Witch

eclipse season image

This is a post of reaction. This is a post of looking at the energies that have been floating around, and sorting through the feelings of the last several weeks. There’s been a lot of energy floating around, and I can feel the transition happening within me – winter to spring, last eclipse season to this eclipse season, lots of things moving and shaking.

I’ve been feeling a lot of big emotions. Emotions about things I left behind last season. Emotions about what’s coming next. Feeling both gratitude for what I’ve been offered, and worry for what hasn’t been settled yet. I’ve got lots of work to do, and I’ve come a long way.

This eclipse season has almost felt like a sort of limbo – between the old and the new, taking time to recuperate before the next leg of the journey begins.

This is one of the first…

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