Spring Equinox – Sun enters Aries – send out your intention


new beginning spring equinoxToday, start something new! As the worlds turn and the Sun crosses the celestial equator, for a moment, light and dark are in balance. From now on, light will increase every day until Autumn Equinox in September.

Symbolically, it’s the best time of the year to initiate what you want to see come to fruition this year. Mercury in the last degrees of Pisces is with the Sun, Mars in Sagittarius sends it even more energy in a trine, Venus is still celebrating spirit in conjunction with Neptune, and Jupiter conjoins North Node. Ignore the heavy influences, celebrate spring, make a concrete model symbol of your dream – draw it, write it down, form a symbolic pile of rocks in the corner, dream it true. And then go out in nature, if you can, to observe the first green shoots, see new life returning.

With the huge rush of Aries…

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