What does it take to become President of the United States?


UnknownExecutive Summary – Ptolemy identified six levels of fame/success depending on the location and condition of Sun and Moon and their ‘attendants’.

Of the last five presidents of the United States, only Obama and GHW Bush, had strong enough charts to take them all the way to president. GW Bush really shouldn’t have gone any further than Civil leader and Bill Clinton, although technically only a Governor, possibly charmed himself into the White House with his strong Venus in Libra.

This suggests that (1) there is much more going on in these charts than is apparent using only Ptolemy re: fitness for leadership or (2) the requirements for leadership were very different in the time of Ptolemy than they are today.

Ptolemy identified six levels of fame/success:

  1. Kings & Princes

Both luminaries in masculine signs and at least one of them to be found in an angle. This alone is pretty good. However –…

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