The Curious Case of Ms C


Ms C is a ‘man-eater’-  or at least so I’ve been told – and with her Venus in Leo, I can believe how folks might have reached that conclusion.

Contrary to popular belief, astrological Venus isn’t so much about love for others as it is about love of ‘self’. Venus in Leo is a special case – like a lantern in the dark of night, her charm and warmth draws us close.  She brings soVenusLeoul into the lives of those she touches and who couldn’t use a bit of that?

But this is not all that she brings. She is the most selfish and tawdry of the lot. Let’s make no mistake about it, when it comes to relationships, Venus in Leo looks out only for herself.

But this is not why Ms C is so dangerous.

The real issue with Ms C is her Aquarian Moon; like anyone with an air moon, she can be…

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