Mars in Sagittarius


Mars embodies action and the expression of physical energy. In Sagittarius, actions tend to have a philosophical bend. Mars in Sagittarius sees the bigger picture and tends to have an optimistic outlook, which is expressed in their actions. Light spirited and on the move, they have a lot of energy and definitely don’t like to be tied down. They tend to prefer to surround themselves with others of a similar light-spirited energy and do not stick around if they don’t like the vibes. They don’t like to be weighed down by unnecessary heavy emotion, worrying or other unnecessary burdens from others. They are independent and self-responsible. They make their own code of ethics and are fair in dealings with others. They love freedom and obtain this through their self-responsible attitude. While they may not like to be over burdened with too many responsibilities, they also know how to take care…

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