Astrologically, can Bernie Sanders make it to president?


Executive Summary

Ptolemy identified six levels of fame/success depending on the location and condition of Sun and Moon and their ‘attendants. Although Sander’s Moon is masculine, it does not have an array of strong attendants. On the other hand, although his Sun is in a feminine sign, it does have strong attendants and some of those attendants (Mars and Venus) are extremely strong in their dignity.images-1

Unfortunately, without an accurate birth time, we cannot know his chart’s angles.This leaves us unable to complete the assessment solely in terms of Ptolemy. Certainly, given his proven political track record we know he reaches the level of Governor or Commander. However if the given birth time were to be accurate, we would be able to say that with a four planets angular, Sanders would be in the position to attain the level of Chieftain.

At least using modern astrology, we can definitely say that Sanders has a deep, emotional…

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