A Short Tale of Aries & Cancer

Yin Your Yang

Gashaponma was only thirty-three years of age and already she had survived sciatica, breast cancer, melanoma, retinal detachment, cerebral aneurysm, that deadly disease she wouldn’t dare to even mention, HPV, Hep-C & B and MS, in order of appearance. Most people told her that all she suffered from was the disease of a feeble, cowardly mind. But only she knew how much she had suffered through the years; the highs and lows of discovering disturbing symptoms and then being miraculously cured by the power of fear and prayer. She barely stepped out of her house. She feared the germs out there and she feared the people who carried them. She feared the potential of violence in every human too. She basically feared everything.

Her best friend sympathised even if she didn’t quite get what went on with her friend. Preying Mantis was the opposite of Gashaponma. She was fearless and…

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