Mar 14 – Some Tension in the Wormhole

5D Astrology

On Monday we are 6 days into the Eclipse Wormhole which will conclude at the New Moon in Libra on Apr 7. The Wormhole is the 4 weeks of Rapid Change that the Eclipses always bring. The Solar Eclipse in Pisces was more internal and will become external as the Sun (on Mar 20) and the other Personal Planets ingress Aries.

Monday we are wrapping up a 3-way between Venus, Mars and Pluto with Venus exacting her aspects to them both.

At 12:36am Venus at 2:11 Pisces Semi-Squares Pluto at 17:11 Capricorn.

Here we have a bit of ‘growth’ from an irritation between the female energy and Pluto’s intimate plans. Venus and Pluto can create some obsession when in a very hard, 3D aspect, but this aspect is trying to keep you from feeling that way at all. It is encouraging you to see any old subconscious fears you may…

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