AstroFaces and Culpeper

Inga Duncan Thornell

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According to the Astrofaces introduction:

Astrofaces is a research study seeking to verify Astrology for modern science with photographs of subjects grouped by the zodiac signs of their Sun, Moon & Ascendant. Do people who share the three most prominent factors in the chart resemble each other?

It’s an intriguing study but so far the findings have been limited by the variability of photos and the current state of FRS, facial recognition software. Click the following link to read more and also to add your birth data and a photograph. Here is the LINK:

You may have read Sun Sign astrology books that discuss physical characteristics of people of certain Sun Signs. Like the rest of this type of astrology this is an oversimplification. Astrofaces is one project that attempts to rectify this by adding the Big Three or Sun, Moon and Ascendant and below I have an except…

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