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cancer killing recipe

As you know from my previous post, I have some C symptoms lately.
So, what I’m doing?
First of all I’m asking God to save me one more time.
I keep eating cancer killing foods.
I’m taking some anticancer remedies, like: Pau d’arco, Turmeric, Ginger.
And last week I found Info about Vit B17 on Google.
It is not really a Vitamin.
Some say it is a poison, some say it is a cancer treatment.
There is some arsenic in it.
I believe, that low dose of the Arsenic can kill cancer cells, but not me.
If I’m wrong, I will never find out that I’m wrong… 🙂 !!!!!
Hey! I’m going to be okay.
I have survived two months of Chemo and Radiation.
With Gods help, little bit of Arsenic 🙂 , anticancer diet and your support I will survive!
With hope anything is…

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