Libran refinement

Hitchhiking Stars

I’m having a cup of tea on my own while evaluating my process of change.

I think that its good to be aware of all the pain and struggle during a Pluto transit, but keeping perspective is equally important. Being able to have at least a glimpse of who you are becoming and seeing the improvement is paramount for honestly managing the pain without suppressing it or feeling lost in depression.

Filling up your lungs with the fresh air available in the newly uncluttered parts of your psyche feels really good.

I think I’ve always had the tendency to seek relationships compulsively. Being in a partnership is nurturing for the Moon in Libra. We feel comfortable sharing. We feel stronger when mirrored by someone else’s eyes.

Obviously there is more to it, but nevertheless romantic relationships tend to be extremely important for the wellbeing of libran moon individuals.

And I…

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