Astrology 8: Sedna



Sedna is the latest planet to be discovered, on November 14th, 2003, just over a year before the devastating Indian Ocean earthquake and subsequent hugely destructive tsunamis. She dwells in a remote region of space and is extremely cold while being a beautiful deep red colour. Sedna is the largest and most outlying body discovered since 1930.

Sedna to me relates to the rise of the feminine in the world today, our respect for the oceans and our commitment to protecting the waters and their inhabitants which are under so much pressure from human activity.

Sedna is named after the Inuit Goddess of the Arctic seas. This goddess lives in the icy depths of Adlivun, the Arctic underworld beneath the sea. How she came to dwell here and become a goddess of the oceans is told in various myths, but they generally include the fact that Sedna was a…

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