When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

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I have written Epiphany all the way through, and am currently editing and polishing it. It is easy to see themes in this novel. “Kiss Yourself Goodbye,” is the first line. Certainly the very word “goodbye” elicits visions of letting go and moving on.

Often in my life, I have gotten lessons dealt to me when I most needed them.  Sometimes, my teacher is an image. In the following excerpt,  Lori, the protagonist in my story, choses an archetype from the teachings of Tarot, the Queen of Wands that symbolizes the qualities and strengths she needs to go forward. Notice the pictures on these cards and follow her thinking as she recognizes her own creativity, and begins to use it to inspire her students to use their talents.


Lori looked at what had once been her first choice, the Queen of Cups.  Solitary. Reigning from  a throne embellished by shells, she…

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2 thoughts on “When the Student is Ready, the Teacher Appears

  1. Susan Carnes

    Thanks for re-blogging my entry. I truly have enjoyed working with Tarot these last 20 years. I believe the archetypes shown on the cards truly can teach, and a skilled reader, and better, an inspired reader, can pull out lessons on many levels, in what might otherwise be troubling times. When I worked as a school counselor out of Eugene Oregon, a spiritual reader named Claudia gave me the positive feedback I needed to see opportunities. Which is what my book, Epiphany (soon to be finished) is about. Oregon and her characters were my teachers!

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