cancer killing recipe

In June 2012 I posted a page about PAU D’ARCO entitled “Incas Medicine”.
And I’m doing it again, because PAU D’ARCO is a very good thing.

And Plato, ancient Greek Philosopher give me permission to do this. He said long time ago:”There is no harm in repeating a good thing”. 🙂 .

So here I go:
In June 2012 I have a “cancer scare”. I wasn’t feeling well. So, of course, I did some Google search and found this:
– PAU D’ARCO is a tree growing in Amazon Rain Forest. Native Incas observed that this tree was stronger and healthier than any other tree. So they used shredded bark of this tree – chewing or brewing – to be strong and healthy – just like this tree.
I think this makes sense. You are what you chew. 🙂 .
They say that PAU D’ARCO fights bacterial and viral infection, cleanses…

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