Seeing Double: Another Twin

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Freaky Deaky Twilight Zone Activity. The more work I do to love myself more fully, the more people who come into my life that are like me. Law of Attraction? Mirror work?! Twin Flame activation? I don’t know, but I keep finding more twins…This is one of the amazing things that happened for me yesterday:

I met a woman and within 15 minutes of shaking hands for the first time we were gushing over each other and practically disrobing to show off our tattoos! It was not what you think, dirty minds!ThoughI would have thought the same, too…

She showed me how she used ink to hide her varicose veins and stretch marks. I’ve been jonesing for more ink, and never imagined using my belly as a canvas to hide my “tiger stripes” from two extra bloated pregnancies. Even better, she knows an excellent tattoo artist! I thought I…

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