In the Stars for February

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In the Stars for February

February features: Groundhog Day, the countdown for spring to arrive in March and Chinese New Year celebrates the year of the Monkey a good omen for the year, Ash Day, Valentine’s Day, Presidents Day and this is a Leap year that is 29 days- still an irregular month perhaps part of the Aquarius energy.

The transiting Sun is moving through Aquarius this brings an outgoing self-expressive positive energy. Aquarius encourages us to communicate with objectivity our humanistic ideals through involvement with group work and sharing original ideas that may be unconventional. The symbol for Aquarius is of a male figure pouring energy from a large vase into the earth. Some of the possible meanings behind this symbol: is that we are to develop compassion, progressive energy programs, sharing, one humanity, social reforms and the understanding that we are energy vibrational beings. Life is moving faster…

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