As Black As Hell, As Dark As Night ~ February 1st – 7th, 2016

Aeolian Heart Readings

This week offers a grandiose opportunity to observe a dramatic metamorphosis. Agonizing though it may be, there is much beauty in the process! Let yourself be reborn, reinvented, or revivified.

The Moon is in Scorpio on Monday, conjunctMars, which creates an internal dialogue where you may feel overstimulated by dreams of conquest, just as you are simultaneously feeling thwarted by insecurity. This Moon/Mars conjunction creates an emotional environment where hungry ghosts wander, searching for their souls in dark reflecting pools.tumblr_lx8x9qMdJr1qg39ewo1_500With Mercury still conjunctingPluto at the beginning of the week, the urge to throw off all the dead weight in your life will become a tenacious instinct. This deadweight may include bad habits, thankless jobs, or draining people. It is essential that you learn to proceed with no more obligations, contracts, or promises that do not promote your well being, lest you get sucked into a vortex that…

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