Kingstar (Sadalmelik)

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(WARNING: To avoid a TLDR, scroll to your sign and read from there)

Sadalmelik (Alpha Aquarii) is one of the stars of the constellation Aquarius which graces the later half of February’s Solar transit through the ecliptic. In Arabic, the language of the culture that named the star it means Kingstar. The king star will be a metaphor for February, in that the passing of David Bowie represents one of the king stars of Earth passing into the infinity.

The tragic passing of David “Bowie” Jones is the inspiration for this month’s post and recently he was immortalized as a constellation in the Virgo sector of the sky, with Spica as the crowning star in the formation (it will still be called Virgo but the Starman will be reunited with the stars that inspired his art, he was high grade star debris to be sure). A few caveats to this…

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