Tea Time! – 4 Tea Sandwich Ideas

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Four Tea Sandwich Ideas!


Last Sunday I went by my mom’s to drop off an invite to an upcoming tea party next month. In no time she broke out all her tea sets. So many lovely teapots and sets, she’s so cute and was super excited to share them with me. My mom amassed such a collection over many years and in some cases much of the china she bought second-hand. Given the upcoming event and the fact that my mother already has such a collection I agreed to borrow the fine china. As a vegan today I would not set out to purchase these items, however. Did you know or realize what some of your teapots or cups are made of? – Yes, your bone china…fine bone china…porcelain…or sometimes it’s called English porcelain? Bones, yes animal bones are used in the production of this fine china. For ethical reasons…

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