Venus in Capricorn: The beauty that emerges with time

9th House

Venus in Capricorn-January 23 to February 16, 2016

The ingress of Venus in the sign of Capricorn augurs a period of contraction.  When the bud of a flower is preparing for spring, she keeps all her life juices within her to sustain and nourish future blooming. The process might seem grim or daunting but it remains an essential step towards the respite and the ease that will come from this type of inward focus.


Venus is concerned with things of beauty. She stares at her own reflection through art, music, love and attraction. She is happy in the signs of Taurus and Libra.

Venus in Capricorn is ruled by Saturn who is in Sagittarius at the moment. Our values will naturally orient themselves towards what can be gain in the long-term and the beauty of gazing at the land from great heights. For a few weeks, we might find ourself…

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