Law of Attraction, Divine Retribution


Photo: Wheel of Fortune, detail, by Edward Byrne-Jones. Source (x)

When I started this blog, I wanted it to be a place for me to spread my wings by practicing my interpretation and jotting down my astrological musings; and if I’m true to that, it means from time to time, I’m going to have opinions that people don’t like or agree with, and today, this is that post.

I didn’t want to write it because of what will likely be its controversial nature, and because it’s anti-populist. It is, in my quintessentially Uranus-On-My-IC nature, against the grain of what I perceive to be the majority of voices in the blogosphere when it comes to astrology. But sometimes the hard things are necessary, as Saturn teaches us — and this post is necessary because it’s a foundational element to how I perceive life itself, astrology’s role in it, and…

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