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Aquarius 3

This week, the Sun has continued its journey through the twelve signs and entered the sign of Aquarius. Aquarians are, by nature, kind, friendly but somewhat impersonal in their relationships. To them, it’s all about Universal Love even more than personal love.

Aquarians can be unpredictable. They definitely march to the beat of their own drummers. They have unique characters that can be interpreted by outsiders as being eccentric or even downright weird. It’s really just that they see life from a different perspective than most. I mean have you seen Aquarius’s ruling planet? Uranus is unlike any other planet in our solar system. It doesn’t spin like a top…it rolls like a ball! Now that’s a different perspective!

Freedom and independence are of utmost importance to an Aquarian. They will sacrifice almost anything to have it, including intimate relationships. Their outlook is very progressive and they are quite original…

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