Is 2016 a Bad Year?

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Is 2016 a Bad Year ?

Many folks are asking why so many people, pets, actors and such are crossing over this last few weeks. It seems terrible when something unexpected happens, especially death. Just over the last few weeks I’ve known a few people and pets myself personally who have crossed over, so it’s been sad on many levels.

But we must remember the Numerology of 2016 when reduced down is a 9, so both globally and universally we are in a year of Endings. It is a year of Karma coming back around for better or worse. Karma does NOT mean you pay for all the bad you did in life or from past lives! Karma is the energy around us…it’s bad, good and indifferent, it’s the energy that comes back around and takes over for reasons sometimes we don’t understand. The word Karma is used incorrectly all the time nowadays…

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