At the Altar of Capricorn

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Question:  How does the time of Capricorn support the Heart?

Summary:  Capricorn time supports steadfast progress towards goals of civilization and status, creative initiatives, instinctive decisions, and soulful prioritization of responsibilities.

Mythological figures sacred to Capricorn:Enki, Cronus/Saturn, Ares/Mars, Pan, the caduceus, Uroboros

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History and Mythology of the Capricorn Constellation (yellow words are clickable):

Images and stories associated with the constellation Capricornus date as far back as 4,500 years ago to the mid Bronze Age of ancient Mesopotamia.  There, one of the oldest cities on Earth, Eridu, housed a shrine to the god Enki, whose widespread influence from Sumerian civilization was just beginning.  This shrine was a ziggurat temple in the environment of watery marshlands of the river Euphrates.  There, a god of running…

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