Ouranomachia – The Astrologers’ Game

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In his Anatomy of Melancholy, Robert Burton recommended to those seeking a cure for melancholy to play the Astrologers’ Game. He wrote:

“… D Fulkes Metromachia and his Ouranomachia, with the rest of those intricate astrologicall and geometrical fictions, for such especially as are mathematically given.” (p416)

One of the books he refers to is William Fulke’s Ouranomachia, hoc est, Astrologorum lupus, Londini : Per Thomam Eastum & Henricum Middeltonum, impensis Guilielmi Iones, 1572.

Therein Fulke closely compares the Astrologers’ Game to Rithmomachia, the Philosophers’ game, which is still played today. (For more on Rithmomachia, see the Wikipedia entry here: Rithmomachy – Wikipedia ). He claims that the Astrologers’ Game was created for the exercise of the mind, and of the art of astrology, as well as for scholarly relaxation. In Metromachia, the other book mentioned by Burton, Fulke writes that he gave copies of his…

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