Warmth in the darkest of places

Rationalising The Universe

Black holes have been a source of fascination for physicists and science generalists for years. There is no way to actually observe what happens in a black hole, due to the fact that light cannot escape the pull of a black hole; we can theorise as much as we like but we cannot actually know. Some people like to theorise about exotic universes that lie on the other side; and as sci-fi as it sounds – we can’t even rule this theory out. There are so many exciting, surprising and unknown qualities to black holes that this would be a very long post indeed if we were to exhaust all features worth exhausting. For the purposes of this post, consider a black hole to be made of three things: 1) a horizon, 2) empty space and 3) a singularity. These are;

  1. The point at which once breached you cannot escape…

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