Butterfly Journal: Expansion (Month 8, Entry 1)

Through the Peacock's Eyes

presence_of_gaia Gaia art in this post by Josephine Wall

As compassion for ourselves, others, and the planet develops and grows, we begin to feel ourselves expand. Just by our decision to embark upon this journey of spiritual transformation, we took the first steps to leave the state of contraction and selfishness behind. By now we are growing and expanding so much that we are bursting out of the bonds of the cocoon.

For the eighth month, stretch your wings! That is, let your mind, heart, and soul reach out into the world. Focus on feeling the different ways in which you are connected to everything, both near and far. Notice the interconnectedness of all things. 

Before starting this entry, I felt compelled to go back and read what I wrote for the eighth month entry during my last journey through Butterfly Journal, which I wouldn’t normally do. Following my…

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