Mars in Scorpio

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Mars in Scorpio
By ~Ruby

(This astrological influence affects all the signs of the Zodiac! It’s not just for Sun in Scorpio people.)

Mars shifts into emotionally deep, soul-searching Scorpio this morning. It’s influence can have us feeling more cunning, stealth, covert, and playing protector to who we’re emotionally attached to…it helps us to be masterminds, we now will play to win! Mars is strong in Scorpio! It’s the planet that rules our actions, assertion, will, bravery, and brutality…it’s raw pure energy!

Mars has been in more graceful Libra and has helped us play diplomat for awhile now, in Libra it was all about learning how to fight fair. But with Mars now in Scorpio, life simply isn’t fair. Tense situations are black or white in this energy, as Scorpio energy says, “pick one side or the other.” It’s easier to accept challenges and make changes now, because…

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