Fiery Minds Concious Hearts

Cosmic Life Maps

Mercury and Mars

Mercury and Mars both Opposite at 27 deg. Mercury is residing currently in Capricorn and Mars is on its way out of Libra. This restrictive flow of energy is very uncomfortable but very much needed. It may at times feel like you are overwhelmed or becoming overwhelmed with more hobbies, chores, tasks, jobs, knowledge ect… A extreme desire to becomes more focused and aware of what is going on in our lives and around us may be more prominent then before. Mercury symbolizes the mind, logic, communication and learning (among other things) and with the Passionate fire of Mars it may set these things on fire… Making the drive to achieve more urgent and the mind  become more effective and communicated.

Its also a time you may find yourself desiring to let people around you know more what you’re feeling. Like you have this potential word vomit…

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