Enchanted Winter Wedding II

Mystical Empress

CA01126_Fairy_Wedding-jigsawEnchanted Wedding II:  The Magic Behind the Event

Weddings are modern day rituals, and they are steeped in tradition and superstition. In planning my own wedding, I combined metaphysics with traditions & superstitions to cover all my bases. Enjoy!:)

Astrological Considerations

In astrology work, we create event charts, called electional charts, to plan the successful evolution of an event, such as a wedding or business opening. In these charts, the astrologer is looking for specific planets and signs that suitably match the intention of the event.

A wedding is about love, compatibility, and longevity. Thus, the planet of love & harmony, Venus, is a focal planet and fixed, solidly rooted, signs are chosen. With the Moon as the symbol of the event, she also weighs in quite heavily.

Planning the Event

We were engaged on New Year’s Day 2015, and fortunately for me, my fiance’ didn’t care about any of…

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