The Alchemist’s Beginnings

The Sacred Circle Shaman

She had been locked up in her laboratory for weeks it seemed.  The Work was all consuming.  She didn’t even have the desire to eat anymore.  The Work was nourishing every part of her body—from her cells to her spirit.  The translation she had done of the Emerald Tablet positioned on the table beside her.  Her altar with offering dish and crystal skull before her…a mantra, like the hiss of a snake, rattling on her lips, “As above…so below…as below…so above…as above…so below…”

Alchemists Table

Alchemy:  the transmutation of one thing to another;  an ancient art form that has its origins in visitation by other dimensional beings, to the people of Egypt, over 10,000 years before Christ.  Thought to explain the creation of the Creation itself, and has been known to transform a person from the inside out—Alchemy has influenced ever Western religion since their inceptions.

This diverse and complex topic has…

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