Mercury Square Mars 2015-12-29 (Thor’s Hammer Key)


Mercury Square Mars 2015-12-29 (Thor’s Hammer Key)

Mercury Square Mars is a notoriously dangerous aspect, the kind that makes the list containing Mars Square Pluto.  This one has interlaced Thor’s Hammer patterns, and we call that combination a “Thor’s Hammer Key.”  Watch out for dangerous people, places, and things, and do not be one yourself.

Conflicts today are almost certainly related to the decisions of Sunday and Monday, recently, and the events associated with the Full Moon of Christmas 2015 on Friday and the followup events of Saturday (Mars Semisquare Saturn).

Here is the chart, filtered for the Thor’s Hammer patterns:

Mercury Square Mars 2015-12-29 (Thor's Hammer Key)

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Do not think, even for a moment, that the conflicts of today are isolated and will not be revisited in 2016.  This aspect perfects a number of times in 2016, and you can be bet that chances are good you will see these…

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